It is always such a pleasure to work with Matthew on my films — from narrative to docs to commercials, Matthew takes every job personally and has a sensitive ear for detail. He’s also bailed me out more than once when things have gone haywire and I needed a fast fix at the last minute. I’d highly recommend working with him
— Rob Meyer, Director
Matthew has been a consistent and reliable resource for me over the years. His talent and creativity has brought each project to a new level. I can go nowhere else for my sound design and editing needs.
— Jonathan Betzler, Director

As a sound designer, Matthew's attention to detail is awesome.
But beyond his talents in post sound, Matthew's love for story makes our work as filmmakers decidedly better. – Ari Issler, Director

Clip: Director Miguel Silveira gets Hands-on with his foley

I’ve had the great pleasure of having three short films sound designed and sound mixed at SoundSpace Studios. Matthew Polis is the consummate professional and a wonderful collaborator. With each new project, Matthew challenged me to think outside of the obvious, finding new and inventive ways to push the boundaries of sound
— Darius Clark Monroe, Director

I have worked with Matthew Polis and SoundSpace for over 10+ years. He is my first choice sound designer and mixer for features and commercials. His attention to detail, technical ingenuity and love for the art of sound make working with him (and SoundSpace) a creative and fun process.
— Terry Leonard, Producer
SoundSpace is one of the few sound design studios I have worked with that truly has an understanding of what happens in the mix room. Their proficiency with track layout and exhaustive knowledge of ProTools made our most recent collaboration for a DTS 5.1 surround mix highly efficient and effective. Matthew’s quality of work coupled with his extraordinary technical awareness makes many ‘on the fly’ solutions possible which obviously makes my job so much more streamlined. The result is a really great sounding soundtrack and a much more cost effective process for the filmmaker.
— Michael Jordan, Recording Engineer -Magno Sound, NYC
On the front of sound design no anxiety attacks could occur with Matt. He loves what he does, does it very well and luckily is just as obsessed as myself with getting every detail right
— Heiko Kalmbach, Director