The Beginning

Matthew Polis, founder of SoundSpace in New York City, has been sound designing and mixing films for nearly 20 years.  His story driven approach to sound design and technical mastery in the mix room have earned him respect amongst his peers and hundreds of film and commercial credits. He's also an avid photographer, a husband, and father of two girls. To learn more about Matthew you can visit his LinkedIn profile.

Matthew Polis

Matthew Polis


Smart Studio Management 

Our rates remain competitive because of the lean facility and scalable crew strategy. Workflows and teams are scaled to accommodate everything from 30 second spots to feature films.  This approach allows bids to be highly flexible and competitive for each type of production.  We work to make the bidding process as painless and transparent as possible.  For larger workflows such as feature films, custom bids are created so that all costs are known up front.


Sample Work


Documentaries have the same audio tools and techniques available to them as narrative films.  The trick is in the execution. A typical primary goal with a documentary is to maximize the impact of the audio recorded with and around the subjects.  Cleaning problematic location audio, smoothing out edits, and improving intelligibility are all common first steps.  Equally as important, the film can then be enriched  with all sorts of creative sound design. Rich (or subtle) soundscapes will re-create your experience on location that were not adequately captured on your recordings (nature, crowds, cities, cultural regions, etc). Titles, animations, re-creations, or archival footage are also prime candidates for compelling sound design.


Sound Design for a narrative film is so wonderfully vast.  Things can be created, erased, enhanced or changed.  With its power to shape a film, sound can be considered a cousin to principal photography.  The best scenes in films are those that fundamentally integrate the visual and audio elements together.  Planning and designing sound can begin as early as the script writing stage.  Often times, the production sound is thought of as the primary ingredient for a film's soundtrack.  In reality, it's just one of dozens or hundreds of other sound elements working to create the universe of your film.  Using unique techniques like sound maps (story boarding for sound), we work hard to understand your holistic vision of the film and how sound can help deliver that vision.
With the right sound design, a good film can become a great film, and a great film can become a classic.




Television mixing, often more than other types, requires a fast, efficient workflow that can only come with experience.  Matthew has mixed for a multitude of series, spots, and corporate branded content for Discovery Channel, Oprah Channel, ABC, Sundance Channel, IBM, Wendy's, National Geographic, MTV2, PBS, A&E and more.  He knows how to get a mix done within the strict technical specs and time constraints of the television world and beyond. As distribution platforms change and multiply, your sound will be matched to your real time needs.




Our Flow

  • We strive to work towards your vision. Every film has its own voice and sound plays a critical role in the clarity of that voice. We feel our work is done when the film's vision is best served.

  • Collaborative workflow is our m.o. It's your film, and you can be as hands on as you want with your sound. Some directors love to watch their film in a dark theater like an audience member and have options presented to them, while others like to perform their own foley. We meet you where you're at and help guide your film to polished perfection.

  • You want to be comfortable at your chosen facility. At SoundSpace, you will be presenting your film in a gorgeous screening room complete with various comfortable areas for sitting, eating, making calls, or working on the film.

  • Matthew's experience and speed at the mixing board allows for shockingly fast work. With Matthew, the process is not rushed, it's just that the technology gets out of the way. At SoundSpace, budgets are met, schedules are kept, and a polished film is delivered.

  • For one project there can be multiple products: a theatrical release, on-demand distribution and download distributions to name a few. Knowing this, SoundSpace has been designed to mix for a multitude of destinations from 5.1 cinema to laptop computer speakers. Everything is audition-able on the fly for you to hear as you work, making sure everything "translates".