Voice over - FX and foley - Production Sound Repair - Mix and Deliver.
- for episodic television, ad campaigns, and corporate branded content -

Sample List of Commercial Clients

It Doesn't Take A Genius

Phish: Specimen of Beauty
Dir. Danny Clinch

Craft Roadshow Series
Dir. Rob Meyer

TED, The Musical

TED Conferences -Lead post audio engineer 5 years running

Sony - Golden Arm

John Varvatos -Danny Clinch

Kraft - Crispin Porter

Samsung - It Doesn’t Take a Genius

America’s Cup - Warren Miller

Phish Specimen of Beauty - Danny Clinch / Three on a Tree

Pearl Jam Lightening Bolt - Danny Clinch / Three on a Tree

Steven Johnson: The playful wonderland behind great inventions - TED

David Blaine: What is Magic - Travel Channel/Radical Media)

The System with Joe Berlinger - Al Jazeera America

Beach House Bargain Hunter - HGTV

Megadecks - DIY Network

Living Alaska - HGTV

Iconoclast - Sundance Channel/Radical Media

Oprah's Master Class - OWN/Radical Media

Maine Cabin Master - DIY Network

Dean of Invention - Planet Green/Radical Media